Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let the healing begin

For months now I have been living with this pain of betrayal. Everyday living with the reality of what he did to us so carelessly--how he was not the man I needed him to be. But that weight has been lifted, people. Tiger has finally apologized to me. I feel like I can move on now and start living my life again. How about you? Was this apology enough? Do you think now that we can all come together as a nation and start healing?

Yes, I felt he was sincere in his apology. He was definitely sorry that he got caught. Couldn't you see it in his red rimmed eyes and his poignant pauses? I am glad I have closure on this but do you know who I really feel sorry for? Those poor women he was having affairs with--yes, his mistresses. I mean how could anyone think they gave up the goods to him because he is one of the most rich and powerful athletes in the world?! Those women could never have suspected that they weren't the only lady in his life--well, except for his wife. He made them feel special by committing adultery and then they find out he was lying!! Victims, all of them!! I just hope those women get what they deserve.


Big Al said...

So was it Tiger or Cheater? I get those mixed up...

C said...

bwahahaha i HAD HIM TOO! fuck i thought i was the only one, as well. i best give gloria allered a call, think she'd take me on?

he's a sex addict and will nevah keep his peckah in his pants, my dad was like that and cheated till the day he died.

elin and the kids are the real victims here. his mama needs to bitch slap that man more than once... i wonder if him and his daddy did shit like that when he was still around...hhmmm? i bet so.

you are so cute and funny!

i just love ya, toots...