Monday, August 31, 2009

Picture perfect

Here's the picture montage I made for Alan. Watch it quick because YouTube said they might shut it down since I used a copyrighted song.

Party in the U.S.A.

I threw Alan a party for his birthday this past Saturday. He actually turns 40 on December 8th however, he wanted a summer party so we could hang out on the porch and deck. So we called it a '39 and holding' party. It was a great success but whoa, am I tired! I had to cat nap off and on all day yesterday and then slept a good 8 hours last night. I still feel a little slow today but life goes on and so must I.

One thing I did realize while planning this party was that it was much easier to pull off then some of the parties we gave in our 20s. When I think back I remember Alan and I frantically cleaning, buying food and drink, and setting up all by ourselves. And a lot of the time we had low turnout--people would be very noncommittal or have other things going on. It was very frustrating. But now it seems like we have no problem pulling off a great party. I had so many people come to me and say, "What can I do?" One of the advantages of getting older, I suppose, people are just as busy but not so self-centered.

The magician/juggler I hired was a great success. I was worried people would think it was cheesy but the guy was great. He did the most amazing card tricks, was very funny, and, best of all, juggled fire on my deck. Oh how I wish I could juggle fire. That is always a crowd pleaser.

After the juggler left, I did a little tribute to Alan. I went over some Alan trivia, read a history of Alan and showed a picture slide show. I am going to throw it on You Tube and post it later. We had great fun and have a wonderful memory to cherish. But it is a good thing my 40th is over a year away because there is only so much fun I can stand in one year. I'm getting older, you know.

Friday, August 07, 2009

My tribute to John Hughes

When Sage was 6, I found him like this one day. He said, "Daddy taught me how to do this." Alan was so busted! But I had to smile since it was right out of one of my favorite teen movies "Weird Science."
Gary?... By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?
RIP John, you made me laugh

Thursday, August 06, 2009

And I thought I loved him then

Country songs just hit right home with me. I heard a song this morning that made me smile. It was Brad Paisley's song "Then." I really related to the sentiment in the song, especially today.

I remember, trying not to stare the night that I first met you, You had me mezmorized...

I first met Alan while in our 4th year of college. We were out at a bar with friends and our groups happened to be standing next to each other in the back of the room. He quietly sang along with the band. I remember his smile when I teased "I love it when you sing to me." We saw each other out a few more times that semester and we flirted, but he was never pushy. In fact, I finally had to ask him out. I called to invite him to my sorority formal and he accepted. And then he asked me out for that night. And we never looked back.

I hadn't told you yet, but I thought I loved you then...

We dated a little over two years. I'll never forget how we used to kiss at every stoplight while driving around town. The first time he told me he loved me, I responded with, "I think I love you too." He wasn't offended, he just giggled at me. I was so guarded but he knew that. He was alway so sure about us. He won me over.

We've come so far since that day, And I thought I loved you then...

I told him that when he proposed, I didn't want him down on one knee. I wanted him to start our life together just like we would live our life together--on the same level--partners. I couldn't wait to marry him. And, like our first dance song said, it was a whole new world. It was a big adjustment but we did it together.

And now you're my whole life, now you're my whole world...

Alan is just a great person. He can still surprise me after all these years. He makes me laugh. He loves me even when I don't deserve it. He is a wonderful father. My boys are so lucky. He has been right beside me for every major and minor decision--every happy time, every sad time. He's knows me best and he still loves me.

What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more,But I've said that before...

I love you, Alan. Happy 15th Anniversary!!