Monday, May 09, 2011


Sage was in the school talent show this year. It was a collaborative effort but he pulled it off. :) Enjoy and then tell your friends because he is dying to go viral. LOL

Sunday, April 03, 2011

So 40 has been busy

Well, not that I have any readers left after my absence but here goes...

My children's lives are busier than mine. I spend my time doing homework, oops I mean helping with homework (yeah, that's it,) coordinating how they will get to their activities, and picking up underwear off the floor. Seriously, how many times do I have to tell them? At least they are wearing underwear, I suppose. Boys (big and small) do not mind living in a "junk shop" or a "rat hole" as I so often rant to them. I swear I think my father has possesed me. Those are words right out of his mouth. I didn't realize my parents were like OCD neat freaks until I moved out of their house. Now I am not to their level of crazy neat but I do get all out of sorts when the house is in a mess. My family does not have that hang up.

I work evening shift and have to work the obligatory weekend shift here and there. One Saturday I had no sooner walked out and shut the door to go to work when I heard Sage scream, "Wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo, Man Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Man night, as Sage told my Mother-in-law, is when they sit around naked watching TV and burping. Alan was shocked when he heard this because he says they never sit around naked! Uh huh, maybe I will crash a man night and see. Part of my duties is to break up the fighting between brothers. Shepard in his role as little brother/victim is an expert provoker and Sage, playing the big brother/muscle, is good with the beat downs. "Mommy!!! Sage is trying to kill me!!" "Sage, don't kill your brother!" "But Mom, he grabbed my wrong spot!"

In happier news I have continued to work out with Trainer John. He has done what no other man has done in 40 years--kept me working out consistently for over one year. I feel great and have even dropped a bit of weight--not a lot, just a skosh. I am still the slowest runner on the planet. I am so slow it looks as if I am running underwater. The other people in my class (after they are done with their running) will come and run beside me like I am a special Olympian. I am Special J.Hi. I know they are trying to encourage me but I feel like a total Re Re when they do it. Yesterday Alan came to workout with me and every time he passed me when we were running he would say, "Disneyland!" Watch this clip and you will understand. Hahahaha