Friday, April 23, 2010

Back on the blog wagon

Spring's been full of activity and I cannot wait to catch you up. The first thing that derailed my my blog train was a wedding. My niece asked me if she could have her wedding at my house. I was excited and very honored. It's her 2nd marriage and she did the whole big expensive wedding for her first marriage (which lasted 9 months.) This time she wanted to save the money and keep it small. Of course, drama ensued.

My older sister is a jealous woman and was not happy about the arrangement. She promptly wrote a nasty comment on my Facebook wall since it was obviously my fault that her daughter asked me to be the hostess of the wedding. She said something like, "Well I guess you think you know more than everyone else and you want to be every one's mother. I pretended I didn't know what she was talking and responded, "I am glad you finally realize that I know more than you. What are you talking about, psycho?" **Let me just add here that Facebook has brought family drama to a new level and I love it!!!**
I was determined not to give this up just to appease her. She had her shot with the first wedding. And she has another daughter!! I have two boys so this may be my only shot to ever plan and help with a wedding. It's my time, dammit!!! My sister did back off and the planning went on.

Then my oldest niece (the bride's cousin) got herself kicked out of the wedding party. Two weeks before the wedding she dyed her hair red, got a new tattoo on her wrist and--the straw that made bride niece go all Heidi Klum on her--she pierced her lip. So bride niece was like "You couldn't have waited two weeks?" And inked/pierced niece was like "I'll do what I want." And bride niece was like "You're OUT!!!"

The wedding was wonderful, beautiful, touching--a perfect day. I framed a picture of the couple and had everyone at the reception sign the matte around it for an instant wedding memento. I gasped when I looked down to see what Sage had written, "Good luck this time." My dad about busted a gut laughing and then from the pocket of his suit he pulled out the wedding program from bride niece's first wedding. And it's moments like this that make blogging worthwhile.

Spring excitement--to be continued...