Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm a screamer for ice cream

A crazy Saturday morning transitioned into a rare opportunity yesterday afternoon. Energized by his morning soccer game and end of the season party, Sage was outside playing with the neighborhood kids. Shepard was simply exhasted and napping in his crib. Alan and I found ourselves alone in a quiet house. We decided to partake in a little 'afternoon delight.' (Actually I finally relented after Alan bugged the crap out of me.)

Behind our locked bedroom door the soft music is playing, warm sunlight is streaming in the open window, the opaque window sheers are dancing in the crisp Fall breeze. Alan and I are lying on the bed--butt nekked--gettin' busy. All of a sudden, I heard a distant cacophony that made me gasp. "What's wrong?!" asked a surprised Alan. Then he heard it too, "Oh no! Ice Cream Man!" Alan: "Do you think Sage will hear it?" Me: "Of course he will. Throw two dollars down the stairs. Quick!"

No sooner had Alan grabbed two dollars and crept nekked to the top of the stairs, then we heard the front door bang open and Sage screamed, in classic Eddie Murphy fashion, "ICE CREAM!" Alan threw the two dollars down the stairs and ran back into our bedroom. He shouted down the stairs, "Sage, the money is on the stairs. Take it and go!" Sage frantically scrambled up the stairs, collected his two dollars and ran. I felt a twinge of parental guilt and told Alan "Tell him to be careful." Alan yelled at Sage's sprinting form "Sage, be careful! Don't get hit by the ice cream truck." Sage yelled behind him, "Ok Daddy, I won't!"

So that taken care of Alan tried to get me back in the mood and asked, "So, what do you want from your ice cream man?" Me, "I want you to bring that Nutty Butty right over here, baby." Alan, "I believe I will have the creamsicle today." Game On! But as the ice cream truck approached we found ourselves doing it to the circus-like tune of 'Pop goes the Weasel.' I found it very hard to concentrate when I felt like the carnival side show attraction. But hey, like I said, it was a rare opportunity so we pressed on and enjoyed every lick. :0

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Fives (Birthday Edition)

On October 1st I turned 35. These are the top five questions I have about getting older.

1. Why is it that everytime I go to the library in search of a particular book, the book is always on the lowest shelf? (Which causes me to have to bend, which causes all kinds of cracking and popping)

2. When exactly was it that I started referring to The Real World cast as "those kids" ?

3. Why is my body starting to reject alcohol? Shouldn't it be used to it by now?

4. Why do the '80s seem so much cooler on VH-1?

5. And finally...................will I age gracefully?


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Luke, I am your Mother

Star Wars was our family theme for the Halloween costumes this year. Sage was Yoda and he insisted that we call him "Master Yoda." He would go around saying "Have candy, I must." Shepard made a cute Chewbacca and he's definitely mastered Wookie language. Alan was in Jedi Knight heaven. He kept coming up to me at the party waving his hand at me and saying, "You will get me a beer now." I replied, "Listen, Obi Wan, your Jedi mind tricks don't work on me! Get your own damn beer!" People at our neighborhood Halloween party asked Alan, "Why did Jill come as Darth Vader instead of Princess Leia?" Alan responded, "Darth Vader is more her style." Hmmmm....I don't know what he means by that and if he keeps making those kind of comments I will have to destroy him.

Ok, Halloween is over now so why is Alan still walking around in his Jedi robe?!