Monday, February 15, 2010

GaGa Oh la la

I usually don't brag about such things but I had some !Ah-Ma-Zing! sex this past weekend. It was hot--I mean it was yeah, uh huh, oooooooooo, uh, yeah, mmmmmmmm, uh uh UH, Yeah, oh ooooo, mmmm hmmmm, yes, Yes, YEEEEES, mmmmmmm, aaaaahhhhhh HOT!

Sometimes you have to gloat a little, especially when you're married with kids and approaching 40. It was a good Valentine's day. Alan and I don't go all commercial romance like we did in our 20s. Now it's more about alone time...and candy, have to have chocolate. The kids stayed over Mamaw's house for the night and we went out to a quiet dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner we came home watched a James Bond movie, then sexy time, and bed. I'm still all giggly.

I was lucky to get it at all. Alan and I started a group exercise class with a trainer and we have both been very sore. You know it's bad when the man in the relationship says, "Maybe we should just hold each other."

I am enjoying my training class. I go in the mornings and Alan goes at night. This is the only kind of exercise that works for me--someone telling me 'do this, now do that, now do it again.' It also helps that Trainer John is very cute and muscular--makes me want to work harder to impress him. tee hee

One morning I asked Alan "Do I look ok?" He said, "Are you trying to look cute for that trainer?" I replied, "Of course I am!" He just rolls his eyes at me. But it's true, I do work harder because he's cute. In fact, one day I noticed that Trainer John had a small hole in the seam of his sweat pants right in the crotchital area. When he leaned down to hold my legs for abdominal crunches, I tried to peek each time I crunched up. Very effective.

I told Alan, "Don't worry, it's not like I want to 'get with' Trainer John. He's just like a beautiful piece of art that I want to admire." Or touch, or cuddle with...just a little. tee hee


C said...

congrats on the great sex! no nicer v-day gift, i say... yep,
at first i thought your post was gonna be about lady gaga whom i just lerve, but no, just sex... lol

waaaaaaaaay to go, j.hi


Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

melymelm said...

TMI! TMI! TMI! and y'all just had to skype video me the next day after that. no wonder someone was still in bed with the sheets over her!