Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

My vacation from blogging is over. Today is back to school day! Shepard entered 1st grade and Sage moved up to 5th. They were not completely happy to be going back however, we all needed a little separation--from each other and from me. Wow, the past three weeks were trying. About 2 weeks ago, Alan found a note from Sage in his pocket--folded over and stapled at the top. It was labeled "To Daddy." And when he opened it, this is what he found.

And this is why back to school day is better than Christmas. Why am I always the devil?


Big Al said...

Sage is nothing if not hilarious! You are the devil because it is more your personality... ;)

C said...

i was just thinking of you last night, wondering where the hell you've been.. and here you are! so glad to see you back and i like your new look, too!
we are always the debbbilll cuz it's in our job description...

your kids are so cute..

next time you take a LOA i want a 2 week notice! bwahahaha

Clippy Mat said...

welcome back from one infrequent blogger to another. I love to read your funny stories about your kids/life. As Chris says, we have to be the 'debbill', cos it comes with the territory; means you're doing a good job.
Welcome back. oh i already said that. Guess I must've meant it.