Friday, May 21, 2010

The planets are aligned

Alan was out of town from Tuesday through Thursday. His company's national sales meeting was in Las Vegas. He didn't really have time for any fun--or so he would have me believe. ;) Fortunately, he does not have to travel often for his job. I say that because I am such a weenie about him leaving. I worry about him flying and start thinking all kinds of gloom and doom thoughts. Then I worry about being left alone with THEM------->

While he was gone I didn't sleep well at all. For two nights I tossed and turned. Things just were not right in the universe. I had no one to spoon me. It was torture. I was on the verge of calling Dr. Murray to see if he had any spare Propofol. But first I tried turning his pillow sideways to pretend it was him behind me. When I told Alan about it before bed, he made some obscene suggestions of what else the pillow should do to me and then didn't feel right about it. I told the pillow I was a married woman and to stay away from my backside.

Last night my Spoon man was back in position. Sweet manna from heaven! A good night's sleep at last!!

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