Saturday, March 06, 2010

Domo Arigato

I was sleeping late this morning. Alan and I can do that now that the boys are able to forage food on their own for breakfast. I was all snuggled up with my man when start to hear music. My eye cracks open, confusedly wondering where it was coming from. Then I realize I am hearing Styx singing "Mr. Roboto." I lift my sleepy head from the pillow and see this sight in my doorway.

Am I dreaming? All that's missing is the smoke. Secret, secret, I've got a secret! Then, Sage treated us to a wake up dance including the Robot--with dangling arm and everything. How does he even know that one? I've said it before and I'll say it again...Life is never boring with Sage around.

I'm Kilroy!!!


C said...

lmao wow... what super smart, cute, and fun kiddies you guys have.....

whatta way to wake up!

give them all hugs for me cuz i jus love creative kiddies like that!

they come from super good parents.


Clippy Mat said...

this is a talented child for sure.
never a dull moment.
loved it :-)

Dr Zibbs said...

Hahha. Classic!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Your house is like an 80's nightmare come to life. All mixed in with humor.

I want to live there, but I'm terrified of what it would do to me.

melymelm said...

hahahahahahaha. love it!