Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am starting to get suspicious. I have found more photographic evidence and it seems that J.Hi may not be in as much distress as I thought.

Here she is at Shepard's preschool graduation. She is looking pretty happy here. No distress to speak of.

And here she is with Sage on his 9th birthday. All smiles. Hmmmm, interesting.

Finally, I found out that she went on vacation with Alan, Sage and Shepard to their cabin in the mountains. I thought surely I would see her a total wreck at the thought of 'roughin' it' without Internet, cell phone service, and four days sans jewelry. Here she is handling challenges the only way she knows how.

I am starting to think she is not in trouble but may be having....FUN!!!! Could it be? Could she have forsaken us for a measly month of fun? Oh, this will not stand! I will be paying her a little visit tomorrow and she will answer for this. Oh yes she will!

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C said...

hope you are having fun on Vay-K...
watch out for bears, for where you walk, where you squat to pee, and for petes sake dont EVAH go for a walk in the woods alone...

remember the blair witch project?

nuff said about that.