Thursday, April 09, 2009

Better batter therapy

Whoa, who was that raving maniac posting yesterday?! OK, there are many sides to me and one of them is an angry, violent wildcat. Whatev, they are my inner demons and I own them! Plus I look really cute when I rave. ;)

I'm feeling a bit better today due to time and the great support and advice I received from my blogging buds. It seems that batting practice is a wonderful way to blow off steam. I tried it. Well, I wasn't able to get to the batting cage but I pulled out Shepard's Fischer Price Better Batter Baseball. I took a few swings with the Spiderman bat and it was helpful. I guess the neighborhood kids were wondering why the Better Batter baseballs were taking me for granted , why they hear but never listen, and why they had to "Take that, you fucker!!" Much better than Enya.


Clippy Mat said...

the better batter baseball is a son of a bitch and deserves to be battered.
so glad you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, very theraputic. I built a tiny batting cage in my garage with golf nets and a batting tee. The world is a safer place for it.