Monday, May 05, 2008

I don't feel tardy

Friday night I went to see Van Halen in concert. For an old dude, Dave was looking pretty good--some one's been using his Abdominizer. With his pink plaid shirt and his son, Wolfgang, playing by his side, Eddie has lost a lot of the Rock Star appeal. He looked way too Daddyish. He can still jam on that guitar though. Poor Alex was way too 'Weekend at Bernie's' for me.

I really enjoyed it. I don't go to many concerts anymore but when I do I realize how much I love to go to concerts. It is so incredibly energizing. It also brings back some good memories.

Since this post was so entirely lame and in honor of one of my favorite Van Halen songs, I have decided to give an encore to one of my favorite posts of all time.

I hope you lick it!! I'm a screamer for ice cream

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Edge said...

Oh my lord ... you nasty ice cream euphamism woman. I love you! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

Loved the ice cream story.

I wanted to do a post about VH not too long ago. Can you imagine touring with those three as a 15 year old. And Valerie's final instructions. "Listen honey, if the women's, um you know, privates, kind of look funny or smell, give them to Diamond Dave. And don't let daddy have any of those funny pills. Other than that, play good baby!"

Or his paper when he comes back to school. "This summer I toured with my dad all over the world. Diamond Dave humped a big pink microphone on stage. My uncle wore his glasses after he hit acid. dad taught me what a good hooker and good drugs were like in our homeland of The Netherlands. All in all it was fun."