Monday, May 11, 2009

My parents never loved me

And here's the proof...

What kind of a messed up 5th birthday present is that?!! I cannot believe my parents seriously did this to me. Come on!!!

My baby turned 5 on Thursday and in September will be entering kindergarten. This has been a tough one for me. But he is excited and oh so ready for the next step. He has grown up way too quickly--a result of having an older brother I am sure. Instead of watching Diego he watches 'iCarly' and 'Drake and Josh.' Instead of playing innocently with blocks or cars, he is out having epic Nerf gun battles with the boys in the 'hood. The birthdays are tough---Imagine something that you own completely but every year you have to give up a little more ownership, a little more control. It's like giving up a little piece of myself. I am excited for them but scared too. I fear change!!!!

I wish things could stay the way they are right now. Because now seems kind of perfect.


Anonymous said...

I decided a long time ago I would just enjoy every minute. It costs me dearly in my own time, but I'm hoping down the road it will pay me back.

C said...

awwww what a cool picture of you guys. you, J. seem like someone i would so hang aound if we were neighbors! we would have a load of fun! your boys are so adorable, and the hubb is a chunka hunka, too. [if only i still did men]. hahahahaahh KIDDIN. but he is cute.

i know what you mean about the letting go. my "baby" is now 17, and will graduate next year. i have had to let go of 2, am in process of #3, and dread next year when its my last one. such is part of the pain of being a parent. its not ALL fun and good times, is it. things like this letting go shit, cuts and bruises, etc... all come with the painful part of being a parent. hey but someone has to do it, right? mise well be us. after all, we've been with the little boogers from the very start.

ah, deep sigh. i'm with ya, sistah...



J. Hi said...

Knot--Some moments are easier to enjoy than others but my blog is a good way of reflecting. Hopefully I can look back on some special moments when I reread it.

C--I would so totally hang out with you, girl. ;)

kimber p said...

what a beautiful family're hanging on to the little one like I tried to hang on to mine..*sigh* goes way too damn fast, girl!!

Big Al said...

Shepard's already starting to get the hang of the drums. Sage taught him the lame joke rimshot bit - the "da dump da (crash)" - and Shepard loves that.

Of course like most rock drummers, Shepard hits the drums as hard as he possibly can, and after about 30 seconds of deafening banging I find myself pleading with all known deities to grant me patience. But he's so cute I can't bring myself to stop the madness... ;-)

Melissa said...

dammit. i need to talk to your parents. the drums are the present i hung over alan's head, such as "alan, if you're not nice to your sister, she's going to buy the boys some drums!" it worked perfectly!!! now what am i going to do?!? they're growing up way too fast.

Clippy Mat said...
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Clippy Mat said...

(oops too many spelling errors in last comment-had to delete and re-do)
gorgeous kids. i'm trying to hang on to my grandkids cos the kids just wouldn't stop growing up, and feel now that i wished their childhoods away. hang on for dear life, it's just a blink of an eye.
and the drum kit?
nice grandparents. ;-)
no matter how much our kids begged us, as parents we say no! but the grandkids want a set of drums? why not?

Anonymous said...


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