Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tree trauma

We had a snowstorm Sunday evening and during that storm we heard a loud scratching noise on the house. When we ran to the window to look out we saw one of the limbs of our front yard tree had cracked and fallen toward the house. Then a few hours later we were stunned by another loud CRACK! Another huge limb down toward the minivan--horrors. The tree people came the next day and had to take the whole tree, it could not be saved. Fortunately, there was no damage done unless you count the damage to Sage's sensitive little heart. I found him in his room with tears streaming down his face while he watched the dismantling of the tree.

We called this tree 'Sage's climbing tree.' He has spent many hours up in the branches over the past 6 months. He had even pimped it out with boards to climb up and to sit on, old screens for privacy, ropes for additional climbing assistance, boxes for his treasures, and even nailed a sign on it listing the members of his tree club. It was quite a sight--kind of Blair Witchy. It was his own special place until recently we got a threatening letter from our evil neighborhood association claiming it was "unsightly." We had to take down his tree house and Sage was very upset. But now he is devastated. We are trying to comfort him and help him deal with his grief. We had the tree men cut a section of the tree so we could make a remembrance plaque to hang in his room. I know he was emotionally attached to the tree but I just hope he doesn't turn into one of these people in this video, because these people are just asking to be smacked repeatedly.


Big Al said...

I feel sorry for Sage, and I know he's hurting. :-(


Whew, sorry, I kind of was one with the dead tree for a moment.

C said...

poor lil sage.... is there another tree in your yard that he could build on?

as for that video.
WTF crying ove trees?
whata buncha fuckin morons!

kimber p said...

I'm a tree hugger, but not to that extent. I am kinda embarrassed for them... that's over the top to us, but it's very real to them..

anyway, I am sorry for Sage's loss-that tree represented a lot of great times for him and it'll be hard to get over..just thank God none of you were physically hurt :)

Anonymous said...

Freakin' hippies. I hate hippies. Of all the crap that goes on toward people and they are concerned about trees.

Sorry about Sage's tree. That's like taking away a kid's playground.