Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wine festival brush with fame

Alan and I went to a wine expo yesterday with our neighbors. Over 300 wines from about 40 wineries from our state. The wines were excellent. But imagine my surprise when I had a brush with celebrity. Here's a picture...

Can you tell who it is? I know it's his back but just imagine him in a purple suit, fur coat and a big hat with a feather. It is none other than Venus Flytrap himself!! He's otherwise known (or is he?) as Tim Reid. Now you see it, don't you?

Whenever I see a celebrity I usually do not go up and talk to them. They are strangers after all. I just gawk. I don't even have the balls to take a full frontal picture. I could never be a paparazzi. Alan and I did try and take a stealthy photo of him. It pretty much sucks too but I did get a profile. You see over Alan's shoulder behind the purple woman. There's Venus!!

Here's a couple of shots of some very bad fashion choices that I noticed during the fest.

<--------Ladies, stay away from short dresses with boots.

Fancy dress with bright white tennis shoes, interesting----->

Alan and I used to go wine tasting all the time before kids. We have a booming wine business in my state. I remember when Alan would map out wine trips for us to take, "In this campaign, we'll hit at least 5 wineries," he'd say. It was quite a good time. I had to restrain myself yesterday and limit my tastings since Alan was the designated drinker and I was the designated driver. But I still left with a smile on my face.


Dr Zibbs said...

You should have gone up to him and said, "I loved you as the bartender on the Love Boat. What's Captain Stubing REALLY like?"

Anonymous said...

I loved WKRP.

C said...

your outting sounds like SO much fun. diane and i like to go whining too, as we call it! ;)

venus, oh venus,
how is your penis,
does it wobble to and fro
may i call you bro-
venus, oh dear venus....


Real Live Lesbian said...

Now that sounds like fun! I wish we had more wines in TN...most are too sweet for me.

I bet I could have found plenty at that festival! Fun!

(heading to take off my white shoes)

kimber p said...

I'd love to do a wine long as I didn't have to spit it into one of those creepy urns..bleh!