Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whose is bigger?!

We have two attics in our house--a walk up attic and a smaller space behind our master closet. A few years ago I was putting clothes away in our closet attic and due to a misstep happened to step on some exposed drywall. My foot went through the floor of the attic. It is a large grapefruit sized hole which allows us to see down into our garage. We have never repaired it and there are three reasons for that: 1. It is small 2. It is useful for spying on the children (to see if they're plotting on us.) and 3. We don't know how to fix it. We are not a handy people. However, I have had to endure years of teasing from my husband about putting my foot through the floor. He found it very amusing and somehow equated my putting my foot through the floor to being a silly air headed woman.
Well, tee hee. Guess what happened this weekend? We were straightening up for company on Saturday night. We like to have friends over on a fairly regular basis because it forces us to clean the house. In this case it was the motivation we needed to finally put away our Christmas tree that was still sitting in the living room. So Alan was working on that little project when all of a sudden I hear a big bump. I called up to him, "Alan?!" But no answer. A few minutes later I hear Alan call, "Um Houston, we have a problem. Come up here now!" As I climbed the stairs I saw Alan standing at the top with his head in his hand. As I emerged into the hallway this is what I found...

Yep, seems Alan had a misstep of his own while putting the tree away. Except it wasn't just his foot, it was almost his entire right leg. See all that brown stuff on the floor? That's all the insulation that dropped out. At first I was stunned then I laughed. Alan told me how he was hanging there with his right leg through the floor and the Christmas tree on top of him. With that image in my head I asked him, "Was your leg kicking?" Then I laughed until I cried. I made sure he was ok first, of course. One thing I know for sure is that I don't think I will be teased about my hole anymore. Let compare. Whose hole is bigger?

<--------My hole

Alan's hole--------->

When he goes, he goes big!!!

Yay Alan!!!


Big Al said...

Well what can I say? If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it right! In my defense, there was supposed to be a board where I was stepping. Only it had slid away, leaving a 2 foot square hole straight to the top of the hall ceiling. Let's just say I was a little surprised when my leg suddenly dropped straight down... Then the indignity of that damn tree falling on me. I told the missus that I'm sure she would blog about this, and here we are...

Anonymous said...

I did that in our kitchen ... well the attic above the kitchen. We patched it up but didn't paint it.

Odd thing is, I had a friend whose dad just passed away. He fell through the attic and hit his head. Wasn't found for a while and had TBI. It changed him for a couple of years. He eventually got back to normal. But died in the past few weeks.

I don't go in the attic unless someone is home and I carry my cell with me at all times up there.


C said...

karma. it has a kooky way of biting you in the ass.
sorry to hear that this happened and very glad to hear he didnt get hurt.
you guys should really get someone to patch those holes up before little critters help themselves to your home. alans hole is bigger, of course.... but yours in much cuter. ;)

just glad no one was injured.


Dr Zibbs said...

Hahahahaaha. I actually think it would have been funnuy if someone WERE injured. But just a little.