Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'd like a peace of goodwill, please

This morning my eyes popped open wide at 5 am and I had my first Christmas anxiety attack. I knew it was coming--happens every year. Christmas was a lot more fun when I was a kid and not just because Santa visited me. My parents (especially my Mom) made Christmas perfect. We had the tree, the decorations, the music, the TV specials, the sugar cookie baking session, and every other detail you can imagine. She made it very special for me and I didn't even realize how great I had it.

Now I am responsible for the Christmas happiness of my children and I don't think I am as good at it as my mom was. It's very stressful. We have only half of our decorations up, the tree still needs to be trimmed, and I still have presents to buy. I always procrastinate on shopping since I hate shopping (well, for other people anyway.) I am baking today because I am in two cookie exchanges. The kitchen looks like a bag of cocaine exploded in it--I am a messy baker. I think I have inhaled more powdered sugar than went on the cookies. Sage's holiday party is Thursday and I have to send in a bottle of olive oil for that. It is an international holiday party--how festive. Then we have Shepard's party on Friday, teachers' gifts to buy, Christmas cards to send, and more baking for gifts--then there's wrapping presents, seeing family, and visiting Santa. Sorry have to go breathe in a bag now.


Knot said...

I'm a happier person because I don't stress over that stuff and happier when I do things now and then with my kid explaining the Christmas story to her.

I need some tradition though because I don't think grumbling about taking the tree out of the attic once a year is considered a tradition.


Clippy Mat said...

ahh yes, the Christmas anxiety attack.
what would the festive season be without angst, guilt, panic and outright terror?
don't worry it will all be over very soon.
just breathe.

C said...

awwww, honey.... stop. take a deep breath in. hold it. hold it. ok. let it ut slowly............>
there ya go. all better? ;)
it will soon be over but in the meantime, sneak some time in to go somewhere quiet and just sit. no worries. turn the brain off. just sit. it will help regroup you. i hope.

merry christams