Friday, June 24, 2005

Got Milk?

I had lunch with my friend Karen. Her son Sammy is the same age as Sage (born in 2000.) We met at Burger King with the boys. We had not seen them in a while so Sage and Sammy were very excited to see each other and immediately ran to the play area. We sat and watched them play and chatted. Then Karen went off to the bathroom. While she was gone Sammy came back over near the table and he spit up a small amount on the floor. The lady at the next table brought it to my attention so I grabbed a baby wipe and went over to wipe his mouth. I told Sammy to sit down and rest and he says, "I'm fine." He then proceeds to vomit what I think was a gallon of milk all over the floor. I am standing there holding a baby wipe watching the horror with milk vomit splattered all over my cutest shoes. The people at the adjacent tables were scattering in all directions. Sage is standing there holding his mouth like he is going to lose it next. So I yelled, "Sage, back away, just get away!!" Karen is still in the bathroom. I am standing there stunned and cannot leave the kids to get Karen or to get the Burger King mop brigade. So one of the other moms offers to go get Karen. And Sammy says, "I feel better now!"

Karen says he does this every so often when he drinks too much milk and runs around. So the Burger King mop man comes over to clean it up and Karen tells me "Oh, go ahead and get your food." That is really the last thing I wanted to do at that moment. While we were eating Sammy started coughing and Sage said to him, "Sammy, don' t throw up again!"

Oh and don't worry, my shoes are fine. They cleaned up nicely.

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