Sunday, June 12, 2005

Episode IV

I have been staring at this blog for a week wondering how to start. So I decided to start in the middle or actually start in the present--the here and now.

My first baby boy, Sage, just turned 5 on Thursday. We had his kid party in the backyard yesterday. We had four of his friends over for a Sponge Bob party. The kids had lots of water fun in the backyard with a big blow up pool and a Slip and Slide. They had a ball. We also had a Sponge Bob piƱata which would not die. We let each kid have a couple of whacks at it with the bat. Nothing happened. So we did round two and let them all have another turn. Still not even a tiny rip. At this point the kids became candy crazed. They proceeded to surround Sponge Bob and ripped him limb from limb. After all of his appendages were gone they tore open his square pants and the candy was released. It was a little scary. And one arm and one leg are still unaccounted for.

Sponge Bob dismembered

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