Friday, December 04, 2009

I Object!

I am starting a new segment entitled "I Object!" which will be dedicated to things that stick in my craw. So here we go.

I Object! people who whine about having to listen to Christmas music throughout the month of December. It never fails, every year I will hear a handful of people making snide comments like, "Ugh, Christmas music, already?" or "I cannot bear to listen to anymore Christmas music!" That really frosts my boughs of holly.

I happen to love Christmas music! I have around 50 CDs of Christmas music and I usually buy a new CD or two every year. I have a 50 disc changer and I put all the CDs in it and hit random play. I love it! I love hearing different artists sing their take on the classics and I love it when they make up a new song. It makes me happy, ok? (Except that one song about the boy buying shoes for his mom because she's going to meet Jesus for Christmas. Oh how I hate that song. It is one of THE worst songs ever written--right up there with that song that goes..."Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault, he means so much to me, Daddy please don't, we're gonna get married, just you wait and see." OMG--cough, wretch--blech! Horrid!

What's wrong with you Christmas music haters? What is it that irritates you? Is it the joy? The peace and goodwill? The candy canes and silver lanes? Yeah, I can see how that stuff is soooo annoying. (sarcasm)

I dedicate this video of Christmas favorites to you. Watch's got Santa, trees, lights, decorations, Elvis, an adorable kitten, and polar bears. Polar bears will be burned to a crisp in 10 years so enjoy them now! I think you haters need a big ole Christmas music enema to fill the void where your soul should be.


Knot said...

Those are some good ones. I'm sure you have a station like we do that starts playing Christmas music on Nov. 1st. I like Christmas music, I just don't want to be bombarded with it all the time. I listened to A Charlie Brown Christmas this morning. I liked it. One of my favorites.

Clippy Mat said...

the literacy program i work for is community based, upstairs in a mall. we have been listening to xmas music since november and they repeat the same songs over and over, ALL DAY. but i still love 'em. santa gets dressed in the empty office space next door and he shakes his bells and practices his 'ho ho's' a few times before he goes downstairs. we hear him tuning up thru the walls.
what's not to like eh?

melymelm said...

jill talking about how she loves christmas music already? it's only december 10th!