Friday, July 24, 2009

A peek into the male brain

Alan and I had just woken up and were cuddling before the day began. Alan said "I had a dream about you last night." I was waiting for the graphic details--what lingerie would I be wearing and in what position. But he surprised me.

Alan, "I dreamed that you were a lesbian."

Me, "A lesbian?"

Alan, "Yeah, and not the good kind."

Me, "What do you mean--the good kind?"

Alan, "Oh you know, the kind that would let me watch or join in."

Me, "So the bad kind is..."

Alan, "The kind that would shut the door in my face and say 'We don't need you' "

Me, "Oh."

Alan, "Do I have anything to be worried about?"

Me, rolling eyes, "No."

Then 10 seconds of silence.

Alan, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?"

Me, "Of course I am."

Later in the week we were out with a couple for dinner. When I related this story to them, the woman of the couple looked as confused as I was about the good kind of lesbian. But the man said, "Oh, I knew exactly what he meant." More evidence that all men share one medium to large size brain. Ha!


Big Al said...

Oh boy, I *knew* she was going to blog this!! :-)

Let me just set the record straight that there is no "bad" as in "evil" lesbian. I harbor no prejudices whatsoever to my lesbian friends. In fact, my aunt is gay, and I completely understand and accept this. My dream was more along the lines of the "Howard Stern" stereotypical lesbian versus the real-world lesbian. Hope this clears thing up a bit. If not, flame on! :-)

Big Al said...

By the way, you and Angelina Jolie - HOT!!!

J. Hi said...

Thank you, Big Al, for clearing that up. Don't worry, no one thinks less of you. You can't help your man brain. We accept you too.

Love ya! ;)

J. Hi said...

Yeah, I thought you would like Jolie-Hi. ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me just state for the record that men do not share a "large or medium" sized brain. It would have to be XL. Men need as much as we can get. And more than likely we wouldn't share with another dude.

Most of the lesbians I know are not the "good kind" meaning they aren't the ones you see on Vivid or Playboy TV.

Clippy Mat said...

ah men.
bless their addled little brains and their dreams. LOL

C said...

hi alan.... i'm so sorry you had to find out about me and J this way. we have been trying to find a way to ease you into it, know what i mean, vern? ;) ;)

anyhoo, i wouldnt mind at all if you watched our action together as long as you kept silent. what? oh, you dont think you can keep silent? that's really too bad, man. sorry dude, deal's off now.....


juss kiddin, J. all in fun.

but i agree its every man's fantasy. well, erm, 'cept for gay men. they could care less. they could probly eat a peanut butter n jelly sandwich whilst watching.
those gay men....
wonder why that is...?



Anonymous said...

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