Monday, October 20, 2008


My weekend was pretty fantastical! It had all the element of a perfect weekend--fall, football, and free stuff.
We attended a fall festival that was sponsored by my employer so everything was free. And my motto is 'If it's free, it's for me.' If there are more than one blowup jumpy thing at an event my boys give it five stars. Shepard declared, "That vegetable was awesome!"

We arrived home in time to see our football team lay the smack down in OT and win the game. Very exciting. In fact when we went to a neighborhood event later in the evening, one little girl said to me, "I heard a lot of screaming in your house earlier. What was going on?" Yeah, when my team is on, I am a screamer. I get very emotional. Sometimes I scare Alan. But what's new?

Sunday we made our annual trek to the Pumpkin patch. I always get the best pictures at the pumpkin patch. So now that we have our pumpkins, the Halloween preparations are complete. Yes, we all have our costumes--the boys started planning their costumes in August. Alan and I always dress up for our neighborhood party. The neighbors are already trying to get out of us what we will be this year but they will not break me!! They might get it out of the boys though--they are weak.
Gas money to get to pumpkin patch: $15
All you can carry pumpkins for one price : $20
Saying to Alan, "Just hold on, wait, don't move,
I've got to get your picture, ok smile, come on, smile! : Priceless


Big Al said...

And those pumpkins were heavy, too! You are a cruel mistress - you enjoy torturing me to madness! I will alway be your monkey boy!

God you turn me on...

Clippy Mat said...

oh wow, those boys are so damn cute.what a beautiful picture :-))