Monday, October 20, 2008


It has come to my attention that my own husband has not commented on my blog for the last EIGHT posts. I know I speak for all of you when I say this is shocking and egregious. As you all know, comments are very important to a blog and since I need all the comments I can get, I have decided that drastic measures are called for. I am hereby suspending all of my wifely duties until such time as my husband chooses to resume supporting his wife. This is effective immediately until this crisis is over. Thank you and I, J.Hi, have approved this message.

**I'm coming after you next, sister-in-law!!!


Clippy Mat said...

well i know we're not related but thought you might like a comment anyway. i do believe in comments. they are very important. i enjoy reading your blog, it's funny and sharp.
have a good one.
day that is,
i'm off to work now. :-))

J. Hi said...

Thank you, Clippy Mat. It seems my husband continues to be stubborn. I guess he doesn't need clean laundry. Hmmph!

Big Al said...

OK, OK, I get it, I'll start commenting, I swear! Uncle! Uncle! (Aunt? Mommy? Honey? Baby?)

Your blog captures moments that we share with such amazing wit and insightulness that I am humbled. Forgive me if I hold my tongue until I have comments worthy of your blog...

Knot said...

Ohhh lord I hope my wife doesn't find my blog.


Melissa said...

i have a good excuse at least! i had the parents staying with me for 2 weeks in a SMALL FLAT. i think you know what that means...i tried to stay drunk the whole time...which means i couldn't figure out how to open up the laptop...or spell.