Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Sage Moment X4

When you have children, people often give the advise "You should write that down." But sadly, I never have...until now. 'A Sage Moment' will be a running feature on my blog. It's my chance to write down the things that Sage does or says that I would like to remember. Here are the latest gems from my Sage...

I had to take him to get his 5 year old immunizations last week. He was understandably very upset about the whole process and I don't blame him. Getting one shot is hard enough for a little guy, but he had to get three. Anyway, I ended up having to wrap my legs and arms around him in order for him to be still enough to receive the shots (my pediatric nurse experience always comes in handy.) So that night when Alan got home he said to Sage, "I heard you had to get shots today, poor thing. But I heard you were very brave." Sage looked at Alan with a puzzled face and said, "No, I wasn't. I was a scardy cat."

During a tender moment with Sage I was trying to express to him how much I love him. I said, "You know what you are like? It's like someone took a knife, cut off part of my heart, stuck legs arms and hair on it and now you are walking around." He looked at me and said, "Awww, shucks." :)

This morning I told Sage that he couldn't play until he picked up the one thousand and two Lego pieces off the floor of his room. He was very outdone that I would not help him. After about 5 minutes alone in his room he walked into the office and said, "Mama, my pinkie toe really hurts and so I can't clean."

Sage, Shepard and I were all fascinated by the garbage truck this morning. We watched as a mechanical arm emerged from the side of the truck to pick up and empty our trash can. Sage described it well; he said, "It's like an evil grasp."

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mlwhitt said...

Garbage trucks rule man.... Unless you have to drive or work behind one. Then again I am sure they love their job about as much as I love mine..... eh.... Wait I don't love my job.