Friday, July 01, 2005

The Cowboy Mouth Experience

Last Friday night Alan and I went to see Cowboy Mouth in concert here in Richmond. We had fallen in love with this band after seeing them at Jazz Fest in New Orleans in April. Our good friends had been telling us how great they were for years, but you really cannot appreciate them until you see them live and they will blow you away!! Anyway, we were very excited to see them in our own hometown and especially since it was free!! Free is always good for me!!

We had Alan's parents keep the kids for the night so we could let loose and Hakuna Matata it. And I should say we did! I was very proud of us. We arrived early and snagged a great front row center spot--standing, of course. Cowboy Mouth did not disappoint. They are like a lightening bolt through your soul and you have no choice but to move with their song.

About half way through the show, Fred (the drummer/lead singer) threw a cracked drumstick into the audience. I turned around to discover that it had fallen behind me and I noticed a blond-haired girl begin to stoop to pick it up. But with my catlike reflexes, I snatched it up before she knew what had happened. I do not feel guilty about this at all. After all, I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys. I need a little excitement of my own creation at times; excitement that has nothing to do with pee, poop, or spilled Cheerios. Little did I know that the adventure was not over.

During the fianle of the show, the band had launched into "Jenny Says." Fred was telling people to get up on stage and dance. Suddenly I realized that he was staring into my eyes over the drumset, pointing his drumstick at me and saying, "YOU! Come on up here." It was as if God himself looked down on me from on high and declared "Yes, come on up, you made the cut!" OK, I am being a bit dramatic here, but just remember, I don't get out much. Alan and some other guys in the crowd hoisted my big ass over the four foot barrier and I managed to jump up on the stage. Then I preceded to let it all go. I danced, pranced and had a ball with Alan looking up at me and cheering me on.

Since I have become a parent I tend to dissect events and analyze them, searching for the meaning, the lesson, the why and what have I learned of it all. So, what can I take away from this night? What did I learn while dancing wildly on stage? I learned that Alan and I do not go out alone enough. I learned that we really do need to let go, have fun, and recharge. We need to continue to make memories that just involve the two of us. I think this is one of those memories--The Cowboy Mouth Experience.

Hey Alan, to us! Cheers!!

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